Caribbean Vacation Home

What is holding you back from making a move to a tropical island? I wager for quite a few of you the primary factor holding you back is your worry that it would cost too much.

If that is what is holding you back from escaping cold winters and steep taxes, then I have good news for you. For most people, it is actually less costly to retire in the Caribbean. Or at least it could be if you are deliberate about your choice of an island. It turns out that the North Coast of the Dominican Republic can be affordable, even if all you get for retirement is Social Security. Just a handful of the cost of living savings you can plan on include much, much lower property taxes, reasonably priced homes with million dollar ocean views, and the freshest organic and fresh caught foods at very economical prices.

When you retire in the Caribbean, and specifically when you retire on i loved this the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, you will discover what it is like to enjoy a stress-free outdoor life. Almost every day of the year is sunny and warm. No more icy roads. No more shoveling snow. Say goodbye to cold winters. The most overwhelming task of the day on lots of days is working out which of the uncrowded, natural beaches you will explore and whether to take a picnic or buy a freshly grilled fish from a seller on the beach.

The Dominican Republic is a huge island, with an abundance of diversity and variety. And the North Coast of the Dominican Republic provides some of the finest of what the Dominican Republic offers.

Why retire on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This video ought to help address that concern Make sure and check out our entire series of videos exploring each of the towns on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic that Americans, Canadians and Europeans love to retire to.

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